Tell Oral Roberts University: Change your anti-LGBTQ honor code

Oral Roberts University President Dr. Billy Wilson

A picture of a major structure on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.
Imagine what it would be like to learn that in order to attend the Christian college of your choice, you first had to sign a pledge denying your God-given identity.  

That’s the reality for LGTBQ students who register for classes at Oral Roberts University, a small evangelical college with a shameful history of anti-gay discrimination.  

Faithful America and the Religious Exemption Accountability Project (REAP) are teaming up with ORU students and alumni to ask college administrators to do the right thing and protect LGBTQ students on campus.

Add your name now and tell ORU to choose love over hate, update the honor code to remove its ban on “homosexual activity,” ensure a safe space for LGBTQ students, and respect the God-given dignity and worth of each and every student. No student should have to live in fear and hiding.  
“I was closeted my entire time at ORU because the policies essentially banned my existence, putting me in a constant state of fear and hyper-vigilance. I was taught to hate the core of who I am, and I did just that. I’m lucky to be alive. I pray no student ever has to experience the torture that I did as a queer student on campus.” - Jane Doe, ORU Alumni  
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To: Oral Roberts University President Dr. Billy Wilson
From: [Your Name]

As people deeply committed to upholding the God-given dignity of all people, we are dismayed that homophobic practices and ideologies are deeply ingrained and imbedded within academic and student life on campus. We feel that ORU’s discriminatory practices and policies against our LGBTQ+ neighbors directly oppose clear biblical tenets to love everyone, especially those who are outcast and marginalized.

We stand in solidarity with Queer and Trans students, faculty, and alumni who are bravely living the Gospel's call to love all of our neighbors as Christ loved us. We believe that prohibiting LGBTQ+ identity and expression sends a hateful message that undermines the open and affirming love of Christ which welcomes all into the fold. Queer and Trans students exist on campus and their humanity as the Imago Dei should be treasured.

We ask you to remove the ban on “homosexual activity” that operates as a tool of fear, hatred, and oppression against sexual minorities.

We ask you to empower faculty members, administrators, resident advisors, peer success coaches, and chaplains to provide safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ students.

We ask you to acknowledge that ORU’s vision to love and grow the whole person requires affirming the spirit, mind, and body of everyone on campus — including LGBTQ+ students.