Tell our Representatives to Rein in the Emergency Powers of the Executive Branch and Health Department

Utah State Legislature

Nothing has been done to rein in the emergency powers of the Utah State Health Department and Executive Branch this year. We must tell our elected officials that they must act now to give power back to the people.

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Lehi, Utah

To: Utah State Legislature
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As Utah Citizens we stand united as we call upon Utah lawmakers to honor the trust their electors have placed in them, to protect our life, Liberty and property (economy), by reining in unconstitutional powers exercised by the Executive Branch and the unelected bureaucratic health-department that are unaccountable and unreachable to citizens. Extended and reoccurring mandates (for a virus that is treatable and that 99% of people recover from) have crippled Utah’s economy and placed great hardship on small businesses and families.

Legislation is absolutely necessary to prevent both government and bureaucratic overreach from causing more harm to citizens through mandates and regulations. The unintended consequences have had dramatic and far-reaching affect on many societal and emotional levels. The “new normal” is unacceptable.

There is no such thing as a non-essential business! All are essential to the owners, employees and customers that depend on these business and their services. Citizens must be allowed to alter their lives and decide if they want to wear masks, get vaccines, attend school, etc., independent of government, as they adjust, as they see fit, to current societal conditions. Government mandates for disasters and emergencies were never meant and should never last more than 2 -3 weeks.

We ask, in the strongest terms, that emergency powers be limited, by clearly defined laws, during the current legislative session! Give HB 169 a hearing as soon as possible!