Tell REI to stop selling toxic products

REI CEO Eric Artz

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The toxic waterproofing chemicals used on many outdoor products sold at REI—from gloves to snow gear—are known as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). These “forever chemicals” have been found in some of the most remote places, such as the Arctic and Mount Everest.

They are contaminating drinking water and our bodies—a recent study found 100% of breast milk samples tested contained PFAS chemicals. No parent should have to worry about feeding their baby toxic chemicals which have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and immune system problems.

We love spending time outdoors with our families and admire REI’s commitment to the environment, but we want them to live up to it by only selling products that are PFAS-free.

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To: REI CEO Eric Artz
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As a company committed to sustainability and one of the top outdoor retailers, REI is the perfect company to lead the industry away from toxic PFAS chemicals.

It’s good to hear about a partial phase-out of PFAS chemicals in a handful of product categories, but it’s only a baby step that is nowhere near the scale that’s needed to address our toxic pollution crisis.

On behalf of my own family and those across the country please stop selling these harmful products.