Tell Representative Hinson - We Need COVID Relief NOW!

Representative Ashley Hinson


Iowans need Representative Hinson, who is in the minority party - to fight for us and work across the aisle by passing President Biden’s coronavirus relief bill in full immediately. The COVID Pandemic continues to devastate the country. More than 5,263 Iowans have lost their lives, 93% of all deaths from coronavirus were those over 60 in this state.”

This is not a red or blue issue, this isn't a partisan issue. This is about getting relief to people now. People who are struggling, people who are suffering. Representative Hinson has that power. She can vote to authorize this COVID relief bill and help the struggling families in Iowa's 1st Congressional District. We want her to do that and we will cheer her along the whole way. Please Representative Hinson, when this reaches your ears, please consider this when you are casting your vote because there are peoples' lives on the line here.

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Iowans have been struggling for the past year dealing with the lack of response and urgency to the coronavirus crisis. Whether it is the need for state and local aide to keep government staffing and services available to the public in this uncertain time, funding for vaccines and vaccine distribution, the need for loans and other financial assistance to the small business that are giving it their all just to hold on, or the moral imperative that the passage of the coronavirus relief bill would provide to the many Iowans who have lost their jobs, their health insurance, and are just barely scraping by each month - we need Representative Ashley Hinson to vote in favor of President Joe Biden’s COVID relief plan.