Tell Senator Hembree: No Abortion Bans!

South Carolina State Senator Greg Hembree

The South Carolina State Legislature is back in session thanks to the Republican obsession with dismantling all access to abortion across our state. While the House has passed S.474, we want to make sure our Senator Greg Hembree knows, we are against this ban and the changes that the SC House Republicans have made to the bill.  

While this bill has been proposed as a "6 week ban"  House Republicans have added even more restrictions, essentially making this a total ban on abortion. They are calling this a "6 week ban" while hiding their true intentions -- decimating reproductive rights in South Carolina.

Let's let him know right now where we stand on this.

S.474 is too extreme for South Carolina.

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To: South Carolina State Senator Greg Hembree
From: [Your Name]

I'm one of your constituents in Horry County and I'm writing today to ask you to vote NO on S.474 -- this bill is not the same bill that the you and your colleagues had previously passed, and you should be aware of the changes and how they will harm South Carolinians.