Tell Senators Flake and McCain: We Need a Clean DREAM Act!

Senator Flake, Senator McCain

United We Stand - photo!Senators McCain and Flake have a choice: will they stand on the right side of history and protect immigrant youth -- or allow 800,000 people to be placed at risk of deportation because of the Trump administration's decision to end the DACA program?

President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was a grave injustice against nearly 800,000 young immigrants who were brought to this country as children and have grown up in the United States. Now, we're calling on Senators McCain and Flake to step in and do the right thing by passing a DREAM Act that ensures permanent protections for immigrant youth.

We are specifically demanding a "clean" DREAM Act -- not one that would protect immigrant youth at the cost of putting more deportation agents on the streets to round up their parents, friends, family members, or providing funding for the wasteful border wall. DACAmented youth should not be used as bargaining chips to further destroy immigrant families and to militarize our borders and neighborhoods.

Sign below to join us in demanding that our Arizona senators take action -- now!

To: Senator Flake, Senator McCain
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Dear Senators Flake and McCain,

When the Trump administration ended the DACA program earlier this year, it created deep uncertainty, fear and anxiety for the 800,000 people who were suddenly at risk of deportation. We need you to act right away to pass a clean Dream Act that protects those impacted by this decision.

We are calling on you to support permanent protection for immigrant youth in the form of a "clean" Dream Act that stays true to our values: no border wall, no more detention, and no more deportations for the protections of those impacted. Any bill that uses immigrant young people as bargaining chips—by protecting immigrant youth from deportation in exchange for putting more deportation agents on the streets to round up their parents, friends, family members, and to terrorize immigrant communities or holding this program ransom in return for funding the wasteful border wall—should be considered a non-starter.

Both of you have proven willing to speak out against Trump's hateful rhetoric in the past. Now, you have an opportunity to combat Trump's destructive agenda in an active way. This is your chance to leave a positive legacy for immigrant youth and our country as a whole. We are calling on you take advantage of this opportunity.