Tell the FTC: Oppose the latest Pharma Merger

The Federal Trade Commission

Big Pharma is about to get a whole lot bigger -- unless we step up and stop it.

Bristol-Myers Squibb is spending $74 billion to buy out a rival, Celgene. It would be the largest pharmaceutical merger ever.

We’ve already seen the result of mergers in the pharma industry -- drug prices soar. It’s happened to the Epi-Pen. It’s happened with arthritis drugs. It’s even happened with insulin.

We can't sit by and let Big Pharma get bigger.

To: The Federal Trade Commission
From: [Your Name]

The FTC must investigate and block the attempt by Bristol-Myers Squibb to buy out Celgene. This would be the largest pharmaceutical merger ever, and as with past mergers, the result will be less innovation and much higher prescription drug costs for the public. This mega-merger will block the development and sale of affordable drugs and reduce competition precisely at a moment we need more of it. We urge you to stop this mega-merger.