Tell the Missouri Legislature: We Oppose Guns Everywhere

Elijah Haahr, Speaker of the Missouri House

Late in the evening of April 2, without telling the public or their constituents, the Missouri House approved their Guns Anywhere Guns Everywhere plan by passing HB 575.

The Missouri House just passed a bill that allows someone to carry a concealed and loaded gun ... to a Kindergarten classroom.

Every Republican who voted voted in favor of the bill. Every Democrat voted against.

This dangerous, expensive, terrifying bill is almost unbelievable. WE HAVE to make some noise.

Add you name to tell every member of the Missouri House: we see what you've done. We're paying attention. We're disappointed. And we're holding you accountable.

We will be delivering these signatures in hard copy form! So please help us deliver a huge stack of names by adding your name and encouraging others to do the same.

This. Can. Not. Stand.

Petition by
Michele Hornish
St. Louis, Missouri

To: Elijah Haahr, Speaker of the Missouri House
From: [Your Name]

We, the people who are signing this petition, want you to know.

We see you.

We see the cowardice of the Missouri GOP in passing HB575 late in the evening of April 2.

We see that you had to pass it under cover, without giving notice to people like us who care about our safety and the safety of our friends, neighbors, and family.

We see that you stand closer to the gun lobby than you do to Missourians like us who simply want you to think about our safety.

We've seen you for what you stand for. And we won't forget.

Missouri voters