Tell the UK Government: Give Rights to our Rivers!

UK Government

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Emily O'Brien

Our rivers are being polluted by effluent overflow, agricultural run off, 'forever chemicals', pharmaceuticals and heavy metals.

We can help them save themselves by giving them the legal right to self-protection.

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Each and every river should have the right to exist, to flourish and thrive, the right to be free from pollution and the right to protection from harm. But currently rivers in the UK have no voice and no means of defending themselves from the human, agricultural and industrial waste that is poisoning them.

Our water companies and our MPs claim the issue of pollution is being addressed, but the solutions they propose are too little too late and fail to understand the real problem.

Countries around the world, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South American nations are establishing the Rights of Nature by giving rivers, mountains and forests the legal right to self protection.

Lewes District Council recently became the first Council in England to take action on developing rights for rivers. We want to provide our local river, the Ouse, with the legal means to protect itself. But we need national action to match.

The UK government must legislate to give all UK rivers the power in law to protect themselves and ensure there are legal and financial consequences if those rights are contravened.