Tell the UK government to stop the Jackdaw gas field

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng

The UK government is considering approval of a new gas field in the North Sea - Jackdaw. But extracting more fossil fuels is not the answer to soaring energy bills or the climate crisis. The UK government must reject Jackdaw and all new oil and gas projects.

Jackdaw is located 155 miles off the coast of Aberdeen. It’s 100% owned and operated by Shell. A company who, amidst astronomical rises in energy bills for households, recently announced a record £14.2 billion in profit.

Shell and the oil and gas industry are justifying Jackdaw for its supposed benefit to UK energy security. But Jackdaw will do nothing to lower energy bills or provide a more reliable energy supply. It will only intensify the climate crisis.

Burning the gas from Jackdaw would create half the annual emissions of Scotland (or more than the annual emissions of Ghana). As the new IPCC report made clear again, we can have no new oil and gas expansion if we want to make our very narrow window to limit warming to 1.5C.

The UK government needs to end all new extraction of fossil fuels, rapidly roll out a switch to renewable energy, increase energy efficiency in millions of homes, and secure a just transition for all industry workers and communities.

By signing this petition now, we can show the UK government how much the public oppose new oil and gas extraction. Public pressure is what stopped Cambo last year. Now we can stop Jackdaw.

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To: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng
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We are calling on you and your government to reject the Jackdaw gas field, and stop all new oil & gas licensing and development, in line with climate science.

Instead, the UK must deliver a rapid and fair transition to renewables while supporting affected workers and communities.