Tell Tillis To Protect North Carolina From PFAS

US Senator Thom Tillis

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Clean Cape Fear & Clean Haw River are headed to DC in a couple of weeks to fight for better federal protections from PFAS contamination. Help us show Sen. Tillis that North Carolinians care about holding PFAS polluters accountable. Encourage him to take a strong leadership role to protect his constituents from all PFAS contamination to our air, soil, water, and food supply.

The more support this letter has the harder it will be for his office to ignore his constituents. Please share widely.

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To: US Senator Thom Tillis
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Residents in North Carolina have some of the highest levels of PFAS pollution in the nation. Irresponsible chemical companies, like Chemours and DuPont, knew the dangers of PFAS exposures but hid them from regulators for decades.

Chemical companies made record profits, while the communities they call home continue to suffer from debilitating health problems, shortened life expectancies, and the crushing medical debt associated with their illnesses. North Carolina’s textile industry used dangerous PFAS chemicals without restraint, applying these chemicals to fabrics and fibers in our clothing, furniture and household goods- infiltrating every part of our daily lives. By way of reckless manufacturing practices, their forever chemicals have ended up in our air, soil, blood, crops and our waterways which supply our drinking water- now considered toxic.

The burden of clean up and accountability should fall on the responsible parties–not the great people of North Carolina. That is why we are encouraging you to take a strong, public leadership role and do the following:

Publicly Support A Strong PFAS Definition:

Industry influences are pressuring the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee to rewrite the definition of PFAS to exclude many ultra-short-chain PFAS. We encourage you to publicly support the following definition: Organic chemicals containing ‘‘at least one fully fluorinated carbon atom.’’

No Exemptions For Superfund PFAS Liability:

Congressional PFAS exemptions are unnecessary because the U.S. EPA already has the authority to apply equitable considerations. Since superfund laws were established over 40 years ago, Congress has never exempted certain chemicals from CERCLA and it shouldn't start now.

Thank you for your leadership.

With gratitude,

Emily Donovan, co-founder of Clean Cape Fear
Katie Bryant, co-founder of Clean Haw River