Tell Uber: add an easy option for tips

Uber management

UPDATE: On February 15th, 2017 the Machinists Union District 15 and the Independent Drivers Guild filed a petition that requires that within 60 days the Taxi and Limousine Commission must consider a rule to require a tipping option for all apps used to arrange and pay for For-Hire-Vehicle rides.

Uber has been stubbornly unwilling to give our riders an easy option to tip. As a result, New York's working drivers are losing thousands of dollars we need for vehicle upkeep and supporting our families in one of the most expensive cities in America. Uber makes the problem worse by misleading riders by telling them that “tips are not expected.”

To make this clear: tips are not included in the fare.

It's clear to us that passengers and drivers alike must mobilize to win this basic right for service economy workers–and get Uber to add an easy tipping option.

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Make the user experience less confusing for passengers—add an easy tipping option.