Tell Wall Street: Stop Funding Insurrectionist Republicans

The American Bankers Association

After violent Trump supporters -- using baseless, racist allegations that African-Americans in cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit were responsible for the 2020 election being stolen -- staged a deadly attack at our Capitol on January 6th, Wall Street’s powerful lobbying firm in D.C. pledged to pause all political donations and re-evaluate its relationships with Republicans in Congress who incited the insurrection.

It was a big deal, because the American Bankers Association (ABA) is the banking industry’s main lobbying group, representing over 95 percent of the industry’s $19 trillion in deposits, $11 trillion in loans, and more than 2 million employees.

It also wasn’t true.

In an explosive report by Rolling Stone, it was revealed that the ABA’s political action committee contributed $43,000 in three months to insurrectionist Republicans. They gave the maximum legal donation to 17 different House Republicans who voted to stop the certification.

Clearly they thought no one would notice. Now they’re exposed and facing a public backlash.

Let’s turn up the heat. Sign the petition to the ABA: Stop Funding Insurrectionist Republicans Now!

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Stop Funding Insurrectionist Republicans Now!