Tell your House member to block funds for Israel’s evictions of Palestinians!

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Like millions around the world, we’re horrified by this latest chapter in the cruel war on Palestinians. Far-right Netanyahu’s government has already killed more than 200 Palestinians -- including over 50 children. The mass bombing began after tensions rose due to the illegal and violent evictions of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah. In response to the evictions, Just Foreign Policy canvassed across Congress to gather support for a letter to Biden by freshman Rep. Marie Newman calling for an end to the evictions. Our efforts helped get 25 members of Congress to sign, and we also joined well over 100 organizations on a statement in support. But now we must prohibit all US support for these actions by passing Rep. Betty McCollum’s legislation H.R. 2590 to legally prohibit our tax dollars from being used by Israel to jail Palestinian kids or expand the illegal settlements. Sign the petition to tell your member of Congress to cosponsor the bill!

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The Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act would prevent U.S. funds from being used by Israel to oppress the Palestinian people, seize their land, raze their homes, detain and jail Palestinian children, and numerous other actions that have demolished peace and justice.

Congress has the legal power and the moral responsibility to stop these illegal actions. Rep. McCollum’s statement on her legislation put it best:

"Peace can only be achieved by respecting human rights, especially the rights of children, and this includes the U.S. taking responsibility for how taxpayer-funded aid is used by recipient countries, Israel included. Congress must stop ignoring the unjust and blatantly cruel mistreatment of Palestinian children and families living under Israeli military occupation."

There's no time to lose.

We urge you to pass H.R. 2590, the Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act, as a crucial step towards ending the oppression of the Palestinian people and establishing a just future.