Tell your Senator: Stop Andy Puzder!

United States Senate

Andy Puzder is a billionaire fast food CEO, and an enemy of the working class. He opposes raising the minimum wage, wants to replace his workers with robots, and his companies have a track record of wage theft and sexual harassment.

During the campaign, Trump promised "more jobs and better wages." But Puzder's Labor Department would bring "fewer jobs and lower wages."

Add your name, and tell your Senator to reject Andy Puzder.

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You made the campaign promise to fight for more jobs and better wages for America's Workers. You can start by ordering the U.S. Government to stop giving our tax dollars to corporations that cheat workers out of good jobs and ship those jobs overseas. You can go further and use your power to make sure our government only invests our tax payer dollars in model employers that give workers living wages, decent benefits and the freedom to organize.