Tell YouTube: Stop Monetizing Climate Change Denial


Sign the petition urging YouTube to stop monetizing climate change denial.

A new report just revealed that YouTube has been making up to $13.4 million a year from advertising on channels that make false claims about climate change.

According to Google’s policy, videos that spread misinformation about climate change are banned from the platform. These videos usually falsely claim global warming isn’t real or that it’s not caused by greenhouse gasses produced from burning fossil fuels.

However, content creators are using new tactics such as attacking climate change solutions and portraying global warming as harmless, to get around the typical ban — and YouTube is letting them.

Allowing creators to put out dangerous misinformation about climate change has detrimental consequences. YouTube needs to stand by their policy and continue to ban videos that contribute to the spread of misinformation.

To: YouTube
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The spread of climate change misinformation is dangerous. I urge you to not only ban videos that deny climate change, but stop monetizing them as well.