Tell Zoom to protect all users from police surveillance, hackers, and cyber-criminals


Zoom is not encrypting calls for free accounts with end to end encryption so they can provide law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigation with content from those calls.

As protesters demonstrate in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, law enforcement has deployed a wide range of surveillance tools to monitor and track protesters-including facial recognition software and contact tracing technology. They are working to get information from every source possible to disrupt and even arrest people involved with the protests.

While many companies are declaring solidarity with the protests, Zoom is volunteering to hand out information from private calls to police and the FBI. Not only are protesters using Zoom to coordinate peaceful demonstrations but people are using the platform to have conversations with loved ones, therapists and doctors. These are sensitive, confidential conversations that need to be protected.

To add insult to injury, Zoom is not willing to handover data for all their users. No, only the data from users with free accounts. Corporations and those who can afford to pay for Zoom services will have end to end encryption and their communication will be kept safe.

Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO, believes this is necessary because “some people use Zoom for bad purposes.” This is absurd. People with bad intentions can just pay for the account to ensure their calls are secure.

Meanwhile, people who can’t afford Zoom’s services are left vulnerable to cyber-criminals, stalkers, and hackers.

This is a decisive moment in terms of safety both on and offline.  

Zoom implementing end to end encryption could be one of the single most important things any company could do to keep people safe right now. End to end encryption saves lives.

Sign the petition to tell Zoom: “Keep people safe by implementing default end to end encryption for all video, audio, and text chat.”

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Zoom, keep people safe by implementing default end to end encryption for all video, audio, and text chat.