Tell the Board of Supervisors to Pass Constraints Reduction Legislation!

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Spring 2023

Mayor London Breed and Supervisors Joel Engardio and Matt Dorsey have just introduced a pivotal piece of pro-housing legislation that, if enacted, would go a long way toward making it faster + easier to create the 82,000 critically-needed new homes SF is required to build over the next eight years.

As a part of the Mayor's Housing For All Directive, their proposed legislation seeks to eliminate most "conditional-use authorizations" which would put a stop to outdated and time-consuming processes that have needlessly delayed housing projects for far too long.

"Constraints Reduction" is exactly the kind of strong pro-housing legislation that SF's Board of Supervisors must pass without delay to make it possible for our city to meet our Housing Element commitments.

Let the Board of Supervisors know that they need to pass this essential legislation to make it faster + easier to build new homes for residents of all income levels. Their efforts will go a long way in dramatically alleviating our longstanding housing shortage and affordability crisis!

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San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA

To: San Francisco Board of Supervisors Spring 2023
From: [Your Name]

Dear Board of Supervisors,

I'm writing in support of Mayor London Breed and Supervisors Engardio and Dorsey's "Housing for All" legislation. By removing unnecessary barriers and outdated rules, this legislation will make the development process significantly more efficient, and will allow our city to meaningfully address our chronic housing shortage.

This legislation is essential for us to stay in compliance with our Housing Element. By not passing this, we risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in state funding for affordable housing and transportation. Seeing as the Board of Supervisors already passed the Housing Element unanimously, we need to ensure that we stay in compliance.

We greatly thank you for your continued support, fight, and bold decisions in alleviating our longstanding housing shortage and affordability crisis! Please vote yes on Constraints Reduction!