The Castro Theatre needs your help!

Board of Supervisors

The Castro Theatre Needs Your Help! The Castro Theatre needs upgrades and restoration. Help bring more live LGBTQ+ events to our neighborhood!

Sign our petition to demand that the Board of Supervisors say YES to change, YES to upgrades, and YES to the Castro Theatre!

After years of declining ticket sales and deferred maintenance, the Castro Theatre is in need of some TLC. Another Planet Entertainment, the folks who bring the beloved Outside Lands to San Francisco every year, have a plan to restore the theatre and bring fantastic new live shows to the Castro.

But the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is threatening to shut down the theatre entirely. They think the Castro Theatre should be locked in the past and remain a hardly-used movie theatre, not available for live performances, and not be upgraded to provide better access for disabled customers. They think San Francisco’s best days are behind us, rather than ahead.

"I don't see any reason why we can't have our cake and eat it too and run the joint as a film operation [...] Otherwise, the supervisors may come to a decision APE wouldn't like"

"You guys work out the terms and then we can get back into the issue around the seats," Peskin said. "I don't know how much it costs to run a movie theater but I don't think it's that expensive [...] Don't be yelling at me when this whole deal tanks," Peskin wryly added. "Just saying."

— Supervisor Aaron Peskin in the Bay Area Reporter

The Castro Theatre needs your help! If you want it to become a dynamic, exciting, and even-more-valued venue in the Castro, then we need to upgrade: new seats, new accessible wheelchair ramps, air filters & circulation, a restored original ceiling, new restrooms (including gender-neutral restrooms!), and exciting live events!

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To: Board of Supervisors
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I am writing to express my strong support for the proposed restoration and upgrades to the Castro Theatre by Another Planet Entertainment (APE). The Castro Theatre is an iconic venue that holds a significant place in the hearts of San Francisco residents and visitors alike. However, its declining ticket sales and deteriorating condition necessitate immediate action. APE's proposal to restore and transform the Castro Theatre into a modern, accessible, and vibrant venue will not only preserve this historic landmark but also contribute to the city's cultural and economic landscape.

Despite claims by some that these renovations will compromise the Castro Theatre's LGBTQ roots, APE has demonstrated their commitment to maintaining and expanding LGBTQ+ programming. By incorporating queer plays, live music by queer artists, and drag shows, APE will ensure that the Castro community's roots remain strong and continue to promote acceptance and empowerment.

The proposed upgrades include new seating, accessible wheelchair ramps, air filters and circulation, a restored original ceiling, new restrooms (including gender-neutral restrooms), and exciting live events. These changes are essential to create a modern and inclusive space that caters to the needs of all patrons while also remaining financially viable. The Castro Theatre must evolve with the changing times to continue serving the community and avoid closure.

Arguments against the renovation plans, such as the notion that the current seats are historic and should be preserved, seem unreasonable when considering that they are only 22 years old. Preserving these seats would hinder the theatre's ability to provide a comfortable and accessible experience for its patrons.

The revitalization of the Castro Theatre will not only protect this historic gem but also foster a thriving cultural scene in San Francisco. I urge the Board of Supervisors to say YES to change, YES to upgrades, YES to fun, and YES to the Castro Theatre. Please support APE's proposal and ensure the theatre's legacy as a cherished San Francisco institution.

Thank you for your time and consideration.