The death penalty is a pro life issue.

The Ohio Legislature

Millions of Ohioans believe that a person’s right to life should not depend upon anyone else’s judgment. They believe that life begins at conception and ends with natural death. These Ohioans fervently defend the sanctity and dignity of life and ask the members of our legislature to do the same by ending the death penalty.

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To: The Ohio Legislature
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We, the undersigned, urge you to respect the sanctity and dignity of life by ending Ohio’s death penalty. We believe that life is the most precious and most fragile gift and therefore should be protected by our leaders in Columbus.

We are committed to a consistent life ethic that affirms life begins at conception and ends in natural death. The death penalty, in both theory and in practice, directly contradicts the idea that life is precious and ends in natural death.

Human life, no matter the circumstances, is worthy of protection. No method of execution nor any attempt to “fix” Ohio’s broken death penalty system can deflect the truth that the death penalty is the purposeful taking of a human being’s life.

The Ohio legislature must repeal the death penalty immediately and uphold the sacred nature of human life. We call on the Ohio General Assembly to pass legislation to end this practice and secure Ohio’s place in history as a life-affirming state.