The Jedi Pledge

Taking Place Now in A Galaxy Right Freaking Here


Help the Rebel Alliance! You are our only hope!

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For too long, aspects of Star Wars fandom have been a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Divisions amongst generations of fans havetorn apart the galaxy like the Clone Wars.

Withthe release of Rogue One, even more fans will be coming into the fold of Star Wars but the level of online harassment is on the rise.

As a Jedi Knight​ ​of the Rebel Alliance, I pledge tomake all fans of Star Wars feel welcome. To welcome new fans and help guide them through Star Wars, rather than chide them for being new. To call out bad behavior as we see it, and to ensure everyone feels safe proclaiming that they are a Star Wars fan in any setting, no matter their level of fandom.

Rebellions are built on hope, and it is our hope that Star Wars fandom can become the most welcoming and inclusive fandom in the galaxy...