The Schools & Contract Boston #StudentsDeserve

Boston Public School Department

We believe in the promise of quality public education for all students and are fighting for the contract and schools that our #StudentsDeserve.

To: Boston Public School Department
From: [Your Name]

We are students, parents, educators and community members who stand united in calling for the immediate settlement of a fair contract between BTU and the School Department that includes the following:

Inclusion Done Right:
One teacher with multiple licenses cannot meet the needs of all the students in his/her class. Our schools need adequate staffing to meet the needs of students with disabilities now!

A Full-Time Nurse in Every School:
Every student deserves a school with a full-time nurse now!

A Counselor in Every School:
Every school should have a licensed mental health professional, such as a school counselor, psychologist, or social worker. Students deserve counseling and mental health supports now!

More Hub Community Schools:
Hub Community Schools offer expanded curriculum, community involvement, and wraparound supports for our most vulnerable students. Let’s create the schools our communities deserve now!