The United Nations Security Council MUST hold the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) accountable !

United Nations Security Council

The Rohingya have suffered decades of institutionalised apartheid in Myanmar. They are denied citizenship, freedom of movement, access to education and health services; rights to land and are subjected to arbitrary arrests, forced labour, extortion and other forms of collective punishment. On 25 August 2017, the genocide forced a million Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh. INGOs documented the destruction of over 300 villages, mass rapes, killings, torture and forced disappearances committed by the Myanmar military. Even today Rohingya in Myanmar live in the most dire conditions. It is not safe to consider repatriation at this time.

In Bangladesh, Rohingya face increasing restrictions and insecurities, including fires, food scarcity, aid cuts, violence, trafficking, lack of clean water, access to medical care, education, livelihood opportunities and the fear of being relocated to Bhasan Char, a remote island. In 2019 Bangladesh constructed 140 km of fencing to enclose the Rohingya refugee camps, further affecting their freedom of movement.

Since 1 February 2021 the people of Myanmar have taken to the streets to protest the brutal military coup. The National Unity Government has called for international support in denouncing the coup and protecting the people of Myanmar. They are calling for sanctions to be placed on military officials and military-owned companies, and the imposition of a global arms embargo. The Rohingya must be represented by the movement against the coup and accountability for the mass atrocities against the Rohingya is essential for Myanmar to move forward as a democracy.
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Protect Rohingya
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The United Nations Security Council MUST, with immediate effect:

1. Impose a comprehensive global arms embargo on the Myanmar military regime;

2. Call for an end to the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya;

3. Hold the Myanmar military accountable for the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya;

4. Release all Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) protestors, political prisoners and unlawfully detained ethnic minority activists;

5. Impose sanctions on military officials, military-owned companies
and companies supporting and selling arms to the military;

6. Support the will of the people of Myanmar against the Military regime and begin the process of re-establishing a democratic state;

7. Recognise all ethnic minorities as equal citizens of a democratic Myanmar;

8. Provide humanitarian aid and assistance to the CDM movement and ethnic minorities.