There's No Evidence Against Him: Bring Kevin Home!

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

Kevin Keith is innocent. Kevin was sent to Ohio's death row in 1994 for the murders of Marichell, Marchae, and Linda Chapman in Bucyrus, Ohio. Despite alibi witnesses who placed him elsewhere, a strong alternate suspect who police failed to pursue, and glaring inconsistencies in the evidence against him, Kevin was convicted and sentenced to death. For the past 28 years, Kevin Keith has continued to uncover evidence of his innocence.

Update: On August 15, 2023, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals announced its decision denying Keith relief.

Kethledge, J. delivered the opinion of the Court in which Siler, J. joined in full:

"We thus agree with our concurring colleagues only the evidence at trial and the new evidence relied upon by Keith post - trial - - that Keith cannot show that every reasonable juror would have reasonable doubt about his guilt. Considering that evidence alone, rather, we think that only some - - and perhaps most - - jurors likely would find reasonable doubt."

In furtherance, Helene, N. White, Circuit Judge, concurring in part: " I concur in the judgement because I agree that Petitioner Kevin Keith fails to clear the exceedingly high bar of 28 U.S.C. 2244 (b)(2)(B)(ii). There is no question that Keith would have had a better chance of acquittal had the Brady material been known to his defense.

In other words, or in laymen's terms: What the judges meant above is that there is INDEED issue with the evidence in Keith's case (enough!), in that "some - - and perhaps most - - jurors likely would find reasonable doubt" in Keith's case.

Particularly, as pointed out by Justice White, Keith would've had a better chance of acquittal had the Brady material been known to Keith's defense."


In September 2010 – just 13 days before Kevin was to be executed – then-Ohio Governor Ted Strickland commuted his sentence to life without the possibility of parole, citing doubts about his guilt. But even after the commutation, still more evidence favorable to Kevin and suppressed by the State surfaced. Kevin learned that forensic analyst Michele Yezzo – who alone forensically linked Kevin to the crime scene – had a documented history of fabricating results to please police departments, and that she was under investigation when she testified against him. Kevin also learned that police had deliberately ignored a defense subpoena for vital evidence regarding the eyewitness’s identification.

At right, Governor Strickland is pictured with Kevin's brother and most fervent advocate, Charles Keith.

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NOTE: The first season of Kim Kardashian's true crime podcast, "The System," features Kevin Keith's story.

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Now is your chance to help. This petition addresses current Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, who can request the Ohio Parole Board to review Kevin Keith’s case. After the Parole Board reviews his case – and regardless of its recommendation – Governor DeWine can either pardon Kevin or issue a commutation with immediate release, which is the request of the clemency petition filed in August, 2022.

Please sign this petition to let Governor DeWine know that you are outraged by how Kevin has been treated, and that you expect – indeed, demand – that he free Kevin Keith as soon as possible.

NOTICE: Language of this petition may shift to reflect updates in the case situation.

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There is no evidence proving Kevin Keith's guilt. The fact that Kevin Keith remains in prison is outrageous and counter to the ideals of fairness and justice enshrined in the Ohio and United States constitutions.

We urge you to take all steps necessary to immediately free Kevin Keith using your powers to grant commutations or pardons. There is no reason for Kevin Keith to spend another day in prison.

Thank you for time and attention to this urgent and serious matter.