These states are fighting for net neutrality. Is yours one of them?

Governors, state legislators, and local lawmakers

The court just upheld most of the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality, ignoring the millions of people from across the political spectrum that support a free and open Internet. But there was some good too: the court struck down the FCC’s attempt to block states from passing their own net neutrality laws.

This means California’s gold-standard net neutrality law can now go into effect--and if we can get a critical mass of states to enact similarly strong Internet protections, the ISPs won’t be able to throttle and block websites nationwide.

Millions of us have contacted Congress and the FCC about net neutrality. If we all contact our state legislators right now and tell them to restore net neutrality, we can make an end-run around the repeal and neither Ajit Pai nor Comcast’s bought off politicians in Congress can stop us.

Check out the list of state-based net neutrality initiatives below, and then sign the petition calling on your governor and state legislators: “Please do everything in your power to establish strong net neutrality laws like California’s SB 822.

State Initiatives

Local Initiatives

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Please do everything in your power to defend strong net neutrality rules and protect the free and open Internet for generations to come.