Transbay Bus Lanes

Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The situation on the Bay Bridge is untenable. It's slow, it can't fit any more cars across, it's unequal, and it's responsible for asthma-causing air pollutants and climate-changing emissions. We need to get more people across the Bay quickly, affordably, and without increasing the number of cars on the road.

Bus-only lanes on the bridge and the highway approaches are major transformative improvements we can put in place right away.

Imagine a fast, reliable, and smooth ride from the East Bay to San Francisco. Imagine thousands more people being able to get across the Bay at rush hour, with buses going smoothly around car traffic through the interstates and West Grand Ave. - and bikes fully able to use the crossing. Imagine healthier air in West Oakland. Imagine having more choices for how to get where you are going. Bus-only lanes will make that a reality.

Sign the petition to call for bus-only lanes on the Bay Bridge and approaches, and swift action to make the bridge fully accessible to all modes of transit.

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