Scott Morrison

Transport workers have been heroes of the pandemic. Now their jobs are being attacked.

With no regulation, wealthy retailers, manufacturers and oil companies are putting a deadly squeeze on transport supply chains despite raking in record profits last year off the back of truckies’ hard work.

Amazon has made billions in record profits, but is crushing transport supply chains and threatening to eradicate decent jobs by growing its exploitative courier service AmazonFlex. This pays people less than minimum wage, pushing people to work unsafely to deliver large volumes of parcels in unrealistic timeframes.

To compete, transport operators like Toll, StarTrack and FedEx are trying to slash entitlements and force through changes that could see good, safe transport jobs outsourced to the lowest bidder.

This is catastrophic in what is already Australia's deadliest industry.

Lower wages and insecure arrangements force truckies to take more risks on the road, exposing themselves and other motorists to danger. Already, a truck driver is killed every 10 days.

That’s why truckies are on strike to protect good, reliable transport jobs.

The Federal Government must step in and end this chaos. We need regulation to stop the deadly squeeze on transport by the likes of Amazon.

Stand with our hard-working truckies by signing this petition to the PM to regulate the transport industry and provide safe wages and conditions to save lives on our roads.

After you've signed, share your support on social media using #TruckieSolidarity

To: Scott Morrison
From: [Your Name]

Dear Prime Minister

I’m writing to share my support for Australian truck drivers taking industrial action and calling on you to regulate the industry to protect safe pay and conditions.

Truck drivers stepped up during the pandemic to stock supermarkets and pharmacies, supply manufacturers and keep goods moving.

You even acknowledged this a few weeks when you said truck drivers are “doing a great job keeping Australia moving”.

Five years ago, the Federal Government tore down the Road Transport Remuneration Tribunal, which was dedicated to investigating safety and regulating payment arrangements to reduce the financial pressure on truck drivers.

Since then, over 200 truck drivers have died.

To fix the problems truck drivers face every day, they need an independent body which can set fair rates, safe conditions and provide protections for all drivers in the industry.

Prime Minister, do the right thing and support our truck drivers. Our country depends on their ability to work safely.