Sign Petition: Trump Wants To Dismantle Trans Rights. Tell Him NO!

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Transgender citizens deserve the same and equal protection under the law. But apparently the Trump Administration doesn't share those values.

According to the NYTimes:

The department argued in its memo that key government agencies needed to adopt an explicit and uniform definition of gender as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” The agency’s proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with, according to a draft reviewed by The Times. Any dispute about one’s sex would have to be clarified using genetic testing.

What the memo is arguing for is a common misconception about gender; that it is determined by biological sex.

According to Planned Parenthood, Biological Sex (or assigned sex) is:

Assigned sex is a label that you’re given at birth based on medical factors, including your hormones, chromosomes, and genitals. Most people are assigned male or female, and this is what’s put on their birth certificates.

Gender, on the other hand, is:

Gender is much more complex: It’s a social and legal status, and set of expectations from society, about behaviors, characteristics, and thoughts. Each culture has standards about the way that people should behave based on their gender. This is also generally male or female. But instead of being about body parts, it’s more about how you’re expected to act, because of your sex.

To add another layer onto it, Gender Identity is:

Gender identity is how you feel inside and how you express your gender through clothing, behavior, and personal appearance. It’s a feeling that begins very early in life.

Tell the Trump Administration NO!

What the Trump Administration is proposing is nothing short of the marginalization of Transgender persons as part of an agenda to turn back the clock on hard-won progress. We will not tolerate the dehumanization of our Transgender friends, family, and neighbors!

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Marpheen Chann
Silver Spring, Maryland

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Transgender citizens deserve the same and equal protection under the law.

Thus, it is paramount that the Federal definition of "Gender" remain one that is backed by science and studies that prove that gender is not to be conflated with biological sex.

We therefore ask that the Department of Health and Human Services cease efforts to exclude Transgender from the definition of “Sex” under Title VII.