Trump: Keep Your Promises To Workers

President-Elect Donald Trump


On the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump declared that "every policy decision must pass a simple test: Does it create more jobs and higher wages for Americans?" As the next CEO of the U.S. Government, Trump can turn this promise into policy.

President Trump is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Carrier Corporation and its parent company United Technologies, are getting a sweetheart deal in order to keep jobs in Indiana.  They already get $6 billion in federal contracts.  Do they really need millions more?

Even worse, through contracts with companies like Carrier, the US Government is also America's leading low wage job creator, funding millions of poverty jobs with our tax money.

Federal contract workers - who haul military cargo to our troops, aid Americans during national disasters, and help senior citizens get their pensions - earn so little that they must rely on food stamps, Section 8 housing and other public aid programs to survive. To add insult to injury, the CEOs of federal contractors get away with stealing billions from workers every year.

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump can keep his promise. on Day 1, he can order that every single tax dollar be invested in model employers that create good jobs in America, not corporations that profit by cheating American workers out of good jobs.

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To: President-Elect Donald Trump
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You made the campaign promise to fight for more jobs and better wages for America's Workers. You can start by ordering the U.S. Government to stop giving our tax dollars to corporations that cheat workers out of good jobs and ship those jobs overseas. You can go further and use your power to make sure our government only invests our tax payer dollars in model employers that give workers living wages, decent benefits and the freedom to organize.