UberEATS & Deliveroo - Stop Delivering Exploitation

Deliveroo & UberEATS

UberEATS & Deliveroo are Delivering Exploitation – Sign the petition to Support Australian Workers

Deliveroo and UberEATS continue to undermine working conditions for tens of thousands of Australian Food Delivery Workers.

  • 75% delivery riders already earn below the minimum wage.
  • Delivery riders don't have access to basic work entitlements like sick leave, weekend penalty rates, casual loading, annual leave and even worker's compensation.
  • 50% of riders say they or someone they know has been injured at work.
  • Delivery riders are pressured to work in dangerous wet conditions.
  • Delivery riders can be sacked at any time for little or no reason.

These cost cutting exercises are driving thousands of Australian workers into poverty and costing lives.

All Australian workers, including delivery riders, require a decent standard of living, let alone a basic one at that.

Please sign and share this petition so we can urge UberEATS and Deliveroo to improve the working conditions of their riders immediately.

This petition has been prepared by Unions NSW in support of the Delivery Riders Alliance and the Transport Workers Union. Authorised by Mark Morey, Secretary, Unions NSW.

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To: Deliveroo & UberEATS
From: [Your Name]

Dear UberEATS & Deliveroo,

I'm writing to implore you to immediately improve pay and working conditions for the thousands of delivery riders you engage.

Classing riders as independent contractors does not absolve you from ensuring your workers are not driven into poverty. Your delivery workers must have access to basic work entitlements. It is your responsibility to ensure that riders are paid above the minimum wage and are able to accrue sick leave and annual leave, are paid superannuation and have access to workers compensation.

No Australian worker should be provided insurance when they are injured at work.
No Australian worker should be punished for being sick.
No Australian worker should not be paid superannuation.
No Australian worker should be pressured to work in wet and dangerous conditions with no extra pay.
No Australian worker should be earning below the minimum wage.

We ask you to act immediately to improve working conditions for your delivery workers.