Uniting for Good Jobs at AT&T Wireless

Randall Stephenson, CEO AT&T Mobility

More than 21,000 people who work for AT&T Wireless are standing up to powerful corporate interests to demand good jobs and a better future for us all. They are joining together to negotiate a fair contract and pushing back against AT&T’s demands to do more work for less.

They’re also prepared to do whatever it takes to stick their necks out to save family-sustaining jobs and sustain their communities, including going on strike.

Join with them and send a message to CEO Randall Stephenson that customers and the public will stand with the working people of AT&T for as long as it takes. Add your name to our petition today!

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To: Randall Stephenson, CEO AT&T Mobility
From: [Your Name]

I support good jobs and a fair union contract for the men and women at AT&T Mobility and across your company.

The working people at AT&T Mobility helped AT&T earn record profits last year, yet they have seen their commissions cut and health care costs rise.

You met with President Trump recently and discussed how AT&T can help “stimulate job creation in America,” yet you chose to close more than 20 call centers and eliminate more than 8,000 call center jobs in recent years. Some of that work you sent overseas.

You have also outsourced the majority of your retail stores to low-wage third party dealers, undermining the standards of your own retail employees.

If you care about creating good jobs in America, start with your own company.