Urge Governor Polis to Adopt an Equitable Vaccine Schedule!

Governor Jared Polis

Governor Polis is implementing a COVID-19 vaccination schedule that reinforces inequities and puts us all at risk. He is vaccinating prison staff in Phase 1B while not vaccinating people incarcerated in jails and prisons. He is vaccinating homeless service providers in Phase 1B while not vaccinating unhoused people. In doing so he is acknowledging the high risk of COVID in these settings, while denying and dehumanizing the most marginalized. Sign this petition now to demand that Governor Polis immediately vaccinate people who live in prisons and unhoused people now!

For more information, visit FCCAN.org

To: Governor Jared Polis
From: [Your Name]

Governor Polis:

We demand that you provide COVID-19 vaccines to people in prisons & jails, and to people experiencing homelessness immediately. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed massive inequities, not only in our healthcare system but in our society in general. By vaccinating prison staff and homeless staff now, while not vaccinating people who are without housing or people who are living in prisons, you are reinforcing these inequities and blatantly dehumanizing people who are at risk.