UVA: Pledge to walkout March 25-26 for #COVIDActionNow

The UVA and Charlottesville Community

UVA continues to commit harm through its disregard for marginalized students, workers, and community members – refusing to compensate workers, support marginalized students, or take accountability for enabling white Greek life to cause the largest COVID outbreak in the area since the start of the pandemic. We are tired. We will not accept this any longer. On Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26, we will walk out to stand up against UVA’s abuses for the sake of workers and students’ dignity and well-being. https://linktr.ee/covidactionnow

To: The UVA and Charlottesville Community
From: [Your Name]

I pledge to walkout...

To demand that UVA distribute COVID relief grants to meet 100% of students’ financial need.

To demand that UVA compensate and support the livelihoods of frontline workers.

To demand that UVA acknowledge and take accountability for enabling IFC/ISC’s COVID outbreak.

To condemn UVA’s recklessness towards communities of Charlottesville in mishandling its response to the pandemic.

To rest and take care of myself.

To check in with my friends and community.

To affirm that workers, marginalized students, and I are worthy of more than UVA’s neglect.

To continue learning how to deconstruct systems of harm.