President Trump: Pardon Assange!

President Trump

We need the President to step up and defend our Constitutional liberties by pardoning Julian Assange.

A pardon for Assange not only could save him from an unprecedented indictment under the Espionage Act that could lead to up to 175 years in prison. But also, a pardon could defend our First Amendment rights to free speech and free press.

The lifeblood of our journalism and democracy is at stake in this case. President Trump has an unprecedented opportunity to impact U.S. history with a pardon for Assange.

Now is the time for us to come together and demand a pardon for Julian Assange to stop the unjust prosecution of a journalist, and protect the free press in our great nation.

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Dear President Trump:

I am urging you to fight for American values by granting a pardon to WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

Assange has been charged by your Justice Department with violations of the Espionage Act for his work on the Iraq and Afghan War Logs. That work helped expose the slaughter of civilians and government cover-ups.

Charging a journalist for working with inside sources or publishing information in the public interest is not what America should stand for. We need journalists like Julian Assange to hold government accountable and expose corruption and deception.

Pardoning Assange would be a shining part of your legacy. I urge you to take this bold and principled step.