We Demand a Public Hearing for New Drilling

Arlington City Council and Mayor

French conglomerate Total applied for 7 gas wells at the Rocking Horse drill—right next to a preschool and medical facilities. On August 7th, The City of Arlington approved them without a public vote or any public input. These gas wells will harm our already poor air quality and put our community at risk. In the middle of a pandemic, we can't allow the city to conduct a backroom deal that threatens our health.

Take action to protect the health and safety of our community! Sign our petition demanding a public hearing on the gas wells. City Council and the Mayor must be transparent about the permitting process for these dangerous gas wells. We have the right to have our voices heard and to demand that the city put our communities first.

For more information on why drill sites pose a danger to our communities, here is a video of Dr. Anne Epstein speaking about the risks to children and pregnant women created by proximity to drilling.

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To: Arlington City Council and Mayor
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We, the undersigned residents of Arlington, TX request that you schedule a public hearing, accessible online, to discuss the drilling and fracking of 7 gas wells by French conglomerate Total at the Rocking Horse drill site behind the Childcare Network daycare.

All structures around the site are protected uses—dental and medical offices, a preschool and homes—and are less than 600 feet from the drilling. The dental office and some medical offices are less than 300 feet from the drilling site.

We are concerned that:

You are pushing this project through without a public and transparent process.

Nearby schools—the Childcare Network and Bizzy Kids daycares—are very close, and kids there will be affected.

Thousands of peer reviewed studies point to serious health effects from proximity to drilling, including respiratory disease, asthma, higher incidence of cardiac disease, more hospitalizations, preterm birth and low birth weight.

A Harvard study shows that places with higher air pollution have higher rates of mortality from COVID-19. Drilling, fracking, and flowback from new gas wells will significantly add to air pollution here. Our air is already polluted and fails not meet federal ozone standards.

I am attaching a link to a video of Dr. Anne Epstein speaking about the risks to children​​ and pregnant women created by proximity to drilling​​:


When deciding on permits for new gas drilling in 2020, we must take all current scientific research into account—just as you did when you voted against new wells at AC360 in June.

We look forward to presenting our questions and comments to you via a hearing as soon as possible.


Residents of Arlington