We Did Our Part- We Need You to Do Yours!

Allegany County Board of Education

ACEA and MSEA members have marched by the thousands, sent thousands of postcards, written thousands of emails, made hundreds of phone calls, met personally with our delegations on behalf of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future and now Allegany County Public Schools will see over $3 million in new funding for fiscal year 2020. That's funding that will go toward special education and dealing with the mental health issues our students face.

But we need the BOE to do their part now! At stake is additional funding for educator salaries. The BOE must provide enough funding to raise salaries by an average of 3% in order to get a match of an additional 1.5% from the state. This is an important opportunity for our elected officials to show that they mean what they say when they tell our members that they appreciate all the hard work they do.  

Sign the petition and let them know that you did your part to secure more funding for ACPS and that we need them to do their part and compensate our members like the professionals they are!

To: Allegany County Board of Education
From: [Your Name]

ACEA and MSEA members marched by the thousands, wrote thousands of emails, made hundreds of phone calls and met with our delegations all to bring over 3 million dollars of new state funding for Allegany County Public Schools for FY 2020. Our members did their part for our students and schools. Now we need you to do your part for them.

The Blueprint for Maryland's Future, the source of that new funding passed both houses of the General Assembly- unanimously in the Senate. The General Assembly did its part. Now we need you to do yours.

ACEA's members are asking that you do everything you can to show your support and appreciation for our educators hard work and advocacy on behalf of our schools and students by providing funding to meet the Teacher Salary Enhancement Grant portion of the Blueprint.

We need you to do your part for us.