We don't want JCDecaux's surveillance ad units in our neighbourhoods!

Lambeth Council

Proposed view of the "Communication Hub"

We want to be free to travel around Lambeth without being bombarded by bright digital advertising screens.

Billboard company JCDecaux is proposing to install 12 new “Communications Hubs” with digital advertising screens, data collection and Met-linked surveillance capacities on pavements around Lambeth, replacing existing phone boxes with intrusive, energy-draining digital Communication Hubs displaying new images up to every 10 seconds.

These bright advertising screens typically promote new cars, fast fashion and fast food and require a huge amount of electricity to operate. They also cause light and sound pollution for pedestrians and residents and are a major safety concern for road users.

On top of that, JCDecaux is proposing to massively reduce free services such as battery charging or free calls in “problem areas”, which we think is highly discriminatory and would criminalise poverty further.

We think their proposals are breaching international human rights such as freedom from discrimination and right to privacy.

Please sign and share the petition. Lambeth Council recommends to object by 11th March 2022.

Let's have our say and object to these intrusive and unasked for digital Communication Hubs.

You can read the planning applications and submit a formal objection to the closer one to you, full list on our blog post here:

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To: Lambeth Council
From: [Your Name]

Re: 12 planning applications | Display of one internally illuminated LCD display as part of a new Communication Hub unit | 12 locations

We the undersigned would like to live, work and play in Lambeth without being bombarded by bright new digital advertising selling us what we don’t need. We want to be free from corporate surveillance and from our data being collected to profit multinationals, without the ability to opt out.

The proposed 12 new hubs would harm the amenity of the area, breach our right to privacy and our freedom from discrimination and be a dangerous distraction to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

You can read more about our reasons for objecting to this specific application here:https://adfreecities.org.uk/2022/02/jc-decauxs-communication-hubs-dont-fool-us/

Please reject all 12 planning applications.

Yours sincerely,