We Need Fair Districts Now

Ohio's Official Mapmakers

The time has come to finish what we started. Ohio’s redistricting process is officially underway and now the work of redrawing Ohio’s General Assembly and congressional districts can finally begin. This is the first step to creating the fair districts that millions of Ohioans supported at the ballot box in 2015 and 2018.

Redistricting reform earned overwhelming support by Ohioans for one simple reason - we want fair districts that let voters choose their representatives, not politicians picking their voters.

We have lived through the consequences of gerrymandered districts for the past ten years. Over the previous decade we have seen our elected leaders cater to the political extremes and their deep-pocket donors, rather than work to solve the issues facing the people of Ohio. Unaccountable politicians running in uncompetitive elections is bad for Ohio. We demanded change, and now is the time to make that change happen.

We are on the verge of the once-in-a-decade opportunity to deliver the fair and equitable districts that Ohioans deserve. We cannot afford to sit this one out. The stakes are too high.

Ask yourself, can Ohio go another ten years without elected leaders answerable to their constituents? No. We cannot. The time is now to join together and secure the fair districts we demanded in 2015 and 2018.

Sign your name and tell the General Assembly and the Ohio Redistricting Commission that transparent mapmaking is essential. Urge them to follow the will of the people and draw fair and equitable districts that keep communities together.
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Here in Ohio, our elections should represent the will of the people, not partisan interests. State lawmakers in the General Assembly and members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission must commit to counting everyone equally, playing by the rules, and having a transparent redistricting process -- so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people. As official mapmakers, we call upon you to abide by the spirit and the letter of the redistricting reforms passed overwhelmingly in 2015 and 2018. Now is the time to deliver the Fair Maps and Fair Districts Ohio needs for a healthy democracy and a flourishing state.