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We are animal lovers who support compassionate people putting their liberty on the line to save the lives of others. We believe that helping animals to freedom is the right thing to do. These actions not only protect life, but also shine a spotlight on our broken relationship with animals. Fixing this relationship and working to adapt our food system will not only free us from the moral and ecological shackles of animal farming, but allow us to restore nature and prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis.

In each of the instances below, all rescuers handed themselves into the police. This was done in order to remain fully accountable for their actions. Why? Because rescuing animals from harm is the right thing to do. They have nothing to hide and they stand by the belief that a jury of ordinary people will act on the side of care and freedom.

Animal Rising Open Rescues to date:

25/05/23 Royal Rescue of 3 Lambs: Three women, Rose, Sarah and Rosa, entered the grounds of Appleton Farm on royal land and rescued 3 lambs, Sammy, Sunny and Sooty, who would have otherwise shortly been sent for slaughter.

20/12/2022 Rescue of 18 Beagles: 12 individuals (Louisa, Kat, Hannah, Eben, Alen, Ben, Dev, Ash, Ben, Tilly, Nathan and Rose) freed 20 beagles from MBR Acres, the Cambridgeshire animal testing breeding facility. Two dogs, named Love and Libby, were seized during the rescue and returned to MBR Acres.

20/06/2022 Rescue of 5 Beagles: Ben, Dan and Beau entered MBR Acres animal testing breeding facility and rescued 5 beagle puppies otherwise destined for a life of suffering in animal testing.

The above individuals have risked their freedom so that other animals may take their first free steps. We see you, we support you.

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