We Support Our CX Unit Teamsters Bargaining Team!

UC Chancellors and UC Labor Relations

Our recently elected CX Unit Teamsters Bargaining Team will soon begin negotiations with the University of California on a successor contract for the approximately 12,000 workers in the CX Bargaining Unit. Our team will determine and fight for our best interests, as determined through bargaining surveys submitted by members. Please show your support of the CX Unit Bargaining Team as they negotiate this new contract, and commit to standing with them through Union actions they deem appropriate!

Petition by
Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California

To: UC Chancellors and UC Labor Relations
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned CX Unit Teamsters working at the University of California and our supporters, stand united with our elected Bargaining Team as they pursue our goals of improved wages and benefits and fair rights on-the-job.

We are proud of our work that assists students, patients, faculty and other staff fulfill the UC's purpose of teaching, research and public service, and UC Health's purpose of advancing healing and reducing suffering.

We support our CX Unit Teamsters Bargaining Team!