Free Love and Libby: Beagle Puppies Returned to Animal Testing Facility

MBR Acres

In the early hours of the 20th December 2022, 18 beagle puppies were rescued from a life of animal testing at MBR Acres.

2 dogs, named Love and Libby, were captured by police, and on 23 December at around 4pm were returned to MBR where they will face a short and tortured life.

Please sign this petition for MBR Acres to Free Love and Libby, so they like the other rescued puppies, will be safe and loved.

Please sign this petition to call on MBR Acres to release them to safe and loving homes.

MBR Acres breeds around 2000 beagle puppies each year for sale to the animal testing industry. They are kept in horrific conditions for 16 weeks, transported into laboratories, and experimented on until death. MBR also has ‘bleeding licences’, which allow them to bleed healthy dogs to death to harvest their blood and organs.

We are a nation of animal lovers, this torture should not, in good conscience, be allowed to continue for dogs, or any animal.

Currently, over 3 million tests are carried out on innocent animals every year in the UK [1]. Yet, as reported in a parliamentary debate this February, 90% are ultimately useless [2].

In a recent parliamentary debate Rachael Maskell, Labour/ Co-op MP for York Central, stated "the investment and focus on non-animal testing practices through the UK road map means that sophisticated science can steer us away from animal experimentation, so we do not have to continue on the path that we have journeyed on to date. We need to pivot to the new world of science that is developing at such a rapid pace."



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To: MBR Acres
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We are calling on you to release Love and Libby, the two puppies that were freed, captured by the Cambrdigeshire police, and then sent back to your facility.

These dogs are innocent, sentient beings who do not deserve to be imprisoned and killed for so-called 'research'.