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If you support a fair contract for hardworking musicians, please sign this petition.

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We, the undersigned, demand that you re-hire your musicians and immediately negotiate with them for a fair contract.

The orchestra does not have a contract, does not receive benefits of any kind and has no guarantee that they will be hired for future engagements.

To address these issues, the orchestra came together with the support of the New York City musicians’ union (AFM Local 802) to negotiate a fair collective bargaining agreement that allows them to express their concerns without fear of retribution.

You refused to schedule negotiations with the union for many months. This stalemate was finally broken after Local 802 won an Unfair Labor Practice charge against you.

At a recent negotiation session, you introduced a new proposal that would allow musicians to be removed from the current hiring list.

More urgently, you have no plans to hire a live orchestra at any of your upcoming concerts and are replacing a full orchestra with a handful of instrumentalists.

Besides being unethical, this deprives future audiences of the rich sound of a full orchestra.

Therefore, we demand that you immediately re-hire your musicians and negotiate for a fair contract.