What's Pharma Hiding??

Your California Legislator

Did you know big drug companies can raise the price of life-saving drugs at any time, for any reason, without telling anyone why....like ever? There’s a bill in the legislature - SB 17 - that says Pharma CEO's would have to give notice before jacking up drug prices that hit businesses and working folks square in the pocket.

But Big Pharma doesn’t like this bill. Pharma CEOs have sent their high priced lobbyists to Sacramento to kill this bill. They want to keep their reasons for spiking drug costs to themselves, all the while raking in billions in profits.  

So we’re asking Big Pharma: What Are You Hiding? Why should Pharma get a pass on a basic transparency measure everyone else in the healthcare industry has to abide by? Why is Big Pharma sending so many lobbyists to Sacramento to kill this bill? We deserve to know!

It’s time for California Legislators to stand with working people and bring transparency to Rx drug increases!

Join us today in demanding California Legislators put a stop to this shady process and VOTE YES ON SB 17!

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Working people and businesses across California are being hit hard by skyrocketing drug prices manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. No one knows why!

There's a bill in the California Legislature that would bring much needed transparency to this industry. SB 17 (Hernandez) would simply ask that pharmaceutical manufacturers provide notice when they plan to raise prices on prescription drugs.

That's it! It shouldn't be hard to comply with - others in the healthcare industry have the same requirements. This would go a long way to helping working people and their employers in California.

We're asking you to do the right thing and support SB 17!