Withdraw the Resolution: Condemn White Nationalism, Not Ilhan Omar

Speaker Pelosi and the House Democratic Leadership

News just leaked that the Speaker Pelosi and the House Democratic Leadership is planning on putting forward a resolution about "rejecting antisemitism as hateful expressions of intolerance that are contradictory to the values of the people of the United States."

With the historic rise of antisemitism and the white nationalist movement, that sounds like a great thing — but the resolution is framed almost entirely as a public rebuke to comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar. (here's the leaked text of resolution)

American Jews of conscience that are worried about the rise of antisemitism and white nationalism cannot let this stand.

Sign our petition to Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the House Democratic Leadership calling on them to Withdraw the Resolution and condemn white nationalism, not Ilhan Omar.

The fact that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are putting forward a resolution on the floor to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar rather than coming together to condemn the white nationalists calling her a terrorist and threatening her life is a damning indictment of their priorities.

They care more about intimidating their own members and progressives away from speaking out against unjust Israeli policy than combating the greatest threat to this country’s future: the rise of white nationalism.

As American Jews, we know antisemitism is on the rise, and exists in all different parts of society. But we are clear: the most pressing and violent threat comes from white nationalists and the Republican Party enabling their rise. What are Democrats going to do about that?

Rep. Omar has demonstrated that she is willing to apologize for hurt her words have caused and listen to the concerns of American Jews.

Our generation refuses to ignore the shameful role the out-of-touch leaders in our community have played in elevating the attack on Ilhan, while ignoring the antisemitism from Rep. Jim Jordan just yesterday.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, sent to a letter to house leadership today encouraging them to move forward with this outrageous resolution. He and the ADL have not mentioned Rep. Jordan’s tweet.

Pelosi and the House Democratic Leadership need to know that the older generation of American Jews pushing for this resolution — like the ADL, Rep. Elliot Engel, and Rep. Nita Lowey — are not motivated by a real concern with with Jewish safety, but a desire to stop political opposition to Israeli policy.

If Pelosi and the rest of the House Democratic Leadership really want to represent our generation, they need to stop pitting Jews against people of color who criticizing the Occupation and focus on the real threats to our future: white nationalists and the GOP.

Instead of combatting the most severe dangers against Jews and all marginalized people, our Jewish and political leaders are attacking one of the first Muslim women in Congress.

As American Jews, we will not allow ourselves to be used as a wedge.

We must continue to stand together with the many movements working against racism, antisemitism, and Islamophobia. We will have each other’s backs, we will learn from each other, and we will not be divided.

The House Democratic Leadership can join us — if they Withdraw the Resolution and condemn white nationalism, not Ilhan Omar.

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Withdraw the resolution on antisemitism that is entirely framed as a public rebuke to Rep. Ilhan Omar. Condemn white nationalism, not Rep. Ilhan Omar.