Women Demand #EndFamilyDetention

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions


This is a DEFINING moment. One that will shape our generation. We cannot be silent. We need bold, strategic and targeted action.

Marching is no longer enough, not when this administration is enacting policies that violently incarcerate children in prison camps and automatically criminalize their parents. Not when we see photos and videos of children separated from their families and held in child prison camps. Not when we hear their cries for their parents and see their fear and trauma.

Women’s March and partner organizations are organizing a mass civil disobedience in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, June 28. We call on women to put their bodies on the line to demand an end to this administration’s zero-tolerance policy of automatically criminalizing undocumented immigrants and locking children in prison camps.

We hope all women can join us in person. If you can't, or if you are a male or gender nonconforming ally, please sign this petition to add your name to ours to demand an end to the harmful zero-tolerance policy.

These children and families are counting on us. We can not allow these atrocities to go unchallenged. The time to ACT is NOW.

To: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions
From: [Your Name]

We have all heard the sounds of children crying out in terror, wondering where their parents are. We have all seen the photos of children screaming, children locked behind bars, children detained by the United States government.

This is the result of the "zero-tolerance policy" your administration has cruelly chosen to enforce; a policy guaranteed to separate families, lock up asylum-seekers, and permanently traumatize thousands of children. It is unconscionable.

I'm writing to demand you take action to end the violent practice of automatically criminalizing undocumented immigrants and tearing families apart.

I know I want to be able to tell my children and grandchildren that I did not sit back during the atrocities you are enacting, that I did not enable them. Will you be able to tell your children and grandchildren the same?

Because of you, children are being put behind bars, locked in prison camps, for no other reason than that they are undocumented.

Take action to #EndFamilyDetention.
Not tomorrow. Not next month. Now.