You Are Being Tracked: End the use of ALPRs and Stop Dragnet Police Surveillance

Local and national elected lawmakers

Automated license plate readers (ALPRs) made by companies like Flock and Motorola Solutions are spreading across the country. These dragnet surveillance systems allow police (and business owners, and HOAs…) to track and trace the movement of anyone who drives a car.

Surveilling everyone’s driving patterns doesn’t make us safer. Instead, it makes us less safe by infringing on our right to move freely, while fueling the numbers-based policing that preys upon Black, brown and poor people. On top of that, these cameras make a ton of mistakes—mistakes that lead to frightening police encounters and wrongful arrests.

Fight back against automated license plate readers! Sign the petition to tell your lawmakers: Don’t surveil our streets! Reject ALPRs and invest in community instead.
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To: Local and national elected lawmakers
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As your constituent, I urge you to stop automated license plate readers (ALPRs) from being used in our community. ALPRs are dragnet surveillance tools that perpetuate the worst policing practices without any conclusive evidence that they can reduce crime. By giving the police more tools to track civilians, we would supercharge the criminalization of Black, brown, and poor communities and the punishment of abortion seekers. Surveillance doesn’t make us safer. Rather than spending money on more technology for police, we should invest in programs that address the root causes of conflict and violence in communities. I support ending the use of ALPRs and call on you to do the same.