Festival of Civil Disobedience

Start: Sunday, February 23, 202010:00 AM

End: Sunday, February 23, 2020 5:00 PM

Host Contact Info: ExtinctionRebellionSA@protonmail.com

Nonviolent civil disobedience is a key strategy of Extinction Rebellion globally. Come to this interactive event and meet people who have used civil disobedience in other campaigns, connecting us to our history. Prepare yourself for action by participating in a large scale role play of a civil disobedience action. Build your understanding of decision making process, roles and challenges in successfully running a civil disobedience action. Get ready for the next rebellion and be inspired!

This event will feature a session on connecting us with the history of civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action in our state. Participants will be able to have small group conversations with activists who organised and participated in:

  • The Kumarangk campaign (opposing the building of a bridge to Kumarangk/Hindmarsh Island, a campaign by and in solidarity with the Ngarrindjeri)
  • Some of the women's liberation activists who established the first domestic violence services in our state at Christies, who evacuated women and children from violent homes without police assistance
  • The Maritime Union of Australia dispute of 1998
  • The Roxby protests (opposing uranium mining at Roxby)
  • The Nurrungar protests (opposing Australia's involvement in US militarism through a "joint" spy base in the outback of SA)
  • Reclaim the Streets and Critical Mass, the ancestors of XR's space claiming street blocks and bike swarms.

Come and meet people who are heroes of earlier social change movements as well as ordinary people of extraordinary courage, just like you.

Please bring a packed lunch with you.

We ask that rebels ensure they've seen our Heading for Extinction Presentation before attending this event. We have scheduled several presentations in the lead up to this event. The presentation can be watched online.

The venue is wheel chair accessible but unfortunately the toilets are not. The nearest wheelchair accessible toilet is across the road at the Bus Depot.

No-one turned away for inability to pay.

Please send an email with the subject 'Festival of Civil Disobedience - Complimentary Ticket' to our finance team (xrsa.finance@gmail.com) and will we send through a complimentary ticket.

First Birthday Party

To close out the Festival of Civil Disobedience we will be having a small and light-hearted celebration of our first year as Extinction Rebellion in South Australia. You're welcome to join us. Follow this link for additional details.