RiseUp for Social Action Training Day - Register/Pay Online Form

Start:Saturday, April 13, 2019 9:00 AM

End: Saturday, April 13, 2019 3:30 PM

This day of training and skill-building for organizers and activists includes 3 workshop sessions (with multiple choices during each session) and a keynote talk on community-based efforts to combat poverty featuring John Washington, Organizing Director at PUSH Buffalo.

There is a sliding scale fee of $0-$25 for attendance (pay what you are able). Lunch will be provided, along with onsite childcare. Interpretation for Spanish speakers will be provided at the keynote and for selected workshops.

RiseUp for Social Action, in conjunction with a number of community organizations (including the Urban Jobs Task Force, CNY Solidarity Coalition, Workers Center of CNY, National Action Network, Seeds of Peace, Uplift Syracuse, Syracuse Peace Council, Parents for Public Schools, CNY NOW and the Green Party) is planning a day-long conference on skill-building for community organizers and activists. Support for this project has been provided by a "What If..." mini-grant from the Gifford Foundation.

Workshop Listings

SESSION 1 - 10:00 - 10:50 am

Working as an Ally to a Targeted Group – Crispin Hernandez and Sheila Sicilia - We'll look at ways to become better allies, learning from successful local examples as well as past mistakes. Crispin, now an organizer with the Workers Center of CNY, was fired from his job as a dairy worker for organizing. Sheila is a member of the Syracuse Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network.

Using Power Analysis for Campaigns - Phil Prehn - Power Analysis is an important tool to help organizers identify strategic targets, as well as allies, opponents and other critical players to develop a winning campaign. Participants will select a local campaign to use as a case study for the workshop. Phil been a professional organizer for 25+ years, working with the incarcerated, low income families and people with disabilities.

Facilitating Effective Meetings - Carol Baum - Learn how to prepare for and facilitate meetings that build community and accomplish your goals. Carol is a longtime organizer at the Syracuse Peace Council

Working with the Mainstream Media - Andy Mager - The mainstream media remains a major source of information. Learn how to get coverage and make it reflect your message. Andy is a longtime community organizer and the coordinator of RiseUp for Social Action.

The Role of Nonviolent Direct Action in Movements - Jessica Maxwell - Nonviolent direct action is most effective when used as part of an ongoing campaign. This workshop will explore when and how direct action might be incorporated into a campaign, what it can accomplish, and the preparation and follow up necessary to carry out a powerful direct action. Jessica has 20 years of experience working in movements for social justice, has participated in NV direct action, and has led dozens of direct action trainings. She is part of the RiseUp Core Team.

SESSION 2 - 1:00 - 1:50 pm

The Work that Reconnects – Exploring Sacred Activism - THIS WORKSHOP WILL LAST FOR BOTH AFTERNOON SESSIONS - Cindy Squillace and Emily Bishop - The Work that Reconnects (WTR) uses group exercises to help participants develop a sense of interdependence, inspiration, and practices to ground their activism in the sacredness of all life while squarely facing the challenges of present day life on this planet. Emily is an activist, Work That Reconnects facilitator, and peer counselor. Originally from Syracuse, she has studied and lived in the Bay Area and Portugal. Cindy has deep CNY roots as an activist, social worker, grief counselor and facilitator (WTR, Community Resilience Model and Witness to Injustice).

Understanding Privilege/Confronting Oppression - Aly Wane and Deka Dancil - Oppression and Privilege affect every aspect of our society and our work for social justice. Understanding these issues and learning how to work with them enables us to work more effectively. Deka is the President of the Urban Jobs Task Force, Director of Shonnard Street Boys & Girls Club and part of the RiseUp Core Team. Aly is a undocumented organizer, born in Senegal, who works with the Syracuse Peace Council, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the Undocumented and Black Network and is part of the RiseUp Core Team.

Building Power to Win - John Washington - Communities across the country struggle to advance our goals because of the large and overwhelming forces against us: Climate Change, Gentrification, Racism, Sexism, Ageism and dozens of other frameworks embedded in the fabric of every system. This workshop will focus on how to build clarity on power, power analysis and self interest in building strategic campaigns. John is the Director of Organizing for PUSH Buffalo. A former debt collector, he has lead campaigns around Community Reinvestment, Economic Development and Energy Democracy.

Social Media for Organizers - Christine Wood - Learn to effectively use social media for organizing - tips, shortcuts and things to avoid. Christine, former field director for Dana Balter's campaign, works works on Public Citizen's Democracy Campaigns.

Creative Arts for Social Change - Karen Kerney - Learn how attractive fliers, clear signs and inspiring banners make for more powerful events, demonstrations and movements. Karen, a movement artist for over 40 years, is the art director at Syracuse Cultural Workers.

SESSION 3 - 2:00 - 2:50 pm


Communication Tools for Organizers -Lindsay Speer - Movements depend on communication to grow and succeed, whether our audiences are internal, the general public, or decision-makers. Learn the tools to effectively reach all three. Lindsay has over 10 years of experience in outreach and communication on issues of environmental justice, indigenous rights, and energy policy.

Defining Your Issue - Twiggy Billue - Learn skills to Define Your Issue in order to develop achievable goals and build the power of your organization and movement. Twiggy is a longtime community organizer in Syracuse and is President of the National Action Network Syracuse.

Fundraising for Grassroots Organizing - Frank Cetera - A survey of fundraising options, for beginning, or developing, your grassroots organizing project. Learn direct solicitation, grants, crowdfunding, traditional business options such as commercial lending, and other creative possibilities such as peer lending and cooperatives.  Frank is a Syracuse-based activist with experience in financial planning, access to capital, and analysis.

Meeting with Public Officials - Workers Center of CNY - Learn how to prepare for powerful meetings with public officials, including setting a strong agenda and clear goals, understanding how it fits into a campaign, framing an "ask" and who to bring. The Workers Center of CNY has been meeting with officials at the local, state and federal levels for ongoing campaigns related to immigration and workers rights.