Social Media Deep Dive- Oakland

Start: Monday, March 26, 201810:00 AM

End: Thursday, March 29, 2018 6:00 PM

Host Contact Info:

This training is a joint effort of Becker Digital Strategies and Organizing 2.0.

Social Media Strategy- 3 words not used together enough. This 4 day training is for people who have some experience managing social media for a union/organization/campaign and it will focus on how do we manage social media strategically including:

* What is the role of social media within a larger digital strategy and organizational strategy

* In depth discussions of the major social media platforms and strategies for maximizing reach and engagement including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger and more

* Advanced Social Media Advertising strategies

* Social Media Rapid Response

* Social Media Analytics

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Can't afford to pay full price for this training? We are committed to awarding scholarships in the effort to make this training accessible to as many people as possible. Please fill out our scholarship form now.