Jamila's 35th Birthday Interactive Virtual Trivia Night benefiting Free Migration Project

Start: 2022-01-06 19:00:00 UTC Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

End: 2022-01-06 21:00:00 UTC • Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

Host Contact Info: jamila.hammami@pm.me

Happy Kwanzaa and New Year! I hope that you are all well and in good spirits.

I am thrilled that you want to come to my 35th Birthday Interactive Virtual Trivia Night Party!

Y'all! The New Year is almost here (good riddance, 2021!), Capricorn season IS HERE (✨), AND I'm turning 35 on January 7th, 2022 (πŸ‘΅)! Come party with me at my interactive virtual trivia night birthday party the evening before, on January 6th, 2022, at 7 pm EST! πŸ₯³

Since the pandemic, it's been two+ years since I've seen or even been able to meet some of y'all in person! I really miss my folks and communities! I'm excited to invite old friends and new ones to celebrate my birthday with me! I don't want anything for my birthday but to hang with my comrades and give to migrant rights and border abolition.

Let's play interactive virtual trivia and raise money for an organization that shares my values and is close to my heart, Free Migration Project (FMP)!

No one is illegal on stolen land, friends!

In 2021, FMP did incredible work and went hard for ICE, like when they played a crucial role in filing a lawsuit against ICE (link below) in a collaborative effort through the Sanctuary Movement! The lawsuit is still ongoing, but the policy was rescinded! FMP has continued to do outstanding work for communities with migration restrictions in 2021. The leadership and victories in the movement to abolish deportation & borders are in this fantastic short video (link below!). And my very beloved Open Borders Conference, sponsored by FMP, was a booming success again in its fourth year! I believe in the work and care so much about FMP.

Booked already but want to give to this wonderful organization for my birthday? I launched an FMP Instagram and Facebook fundraiser to reach my goal of $1,500 for FMP this year!

Want to just come to hang out? Definitely register, and we will hang out! Still complete the form, though! You are also welcome to stump folks!

I am so excited to play interactive virtual trivia with y'all and see comrades and friends from so many of my communities and eras of my life! Folks from elementary, middle, and high school, college in Texas; Washington friends; Masters and P.h.D. School in NYC; internet friends; global colleagues turned comrades and friends; and from cross-movement organizing all over the place for a very long time! I am so excited to see all of y'all!

I promise it will be a blast! πŸŽ‰

⚑️ Now, to the interactive virtual trivia! My brilliant cohost for the evening will be fellow border abolitionist and member of the FMP board, Steve Sacco! Tickets start at $5, and no one will be turned away due to a lack of funds; shoot me a message! I just want to hang with y'all for my birthday!

Come as you are! Individual (go stag! Or we can put you on a team if you want!), you and your partner(s), or as a team! Or just come and hang out so we can catch up! Be sure to register yourself or your team today before the end of the year-- get that 2021 tax deduction!

What does interactive virtual trivia mean, and what kind of trivia will it be? You decide. We will use interactive digital tools, like Kahoot (here is an example board I made for Steve), etc., with your questions and utilize breakout rooms for teams to talk through the trivia questions! Everyone is invited to submit 5 to 10 of their trivia questions on a quick google form you will receive once you register. If you don't submit a team name, we'll be forced to generate one for you. And there will even be "prizes"!

Once you register, the google form will be on the thank you page and sent via email. We will also do a follow-up email with everyone that registers closer to January 6th, 2022. It's a very short form that asks your name, email, team name, and your 5 to 10 questions with the answers. Your questions: themed or non-themed, your call. And yes, literally anything. In short, it's a *free for all*, y'all! Bring questions about anything. And yes, all of the links are kick-ass and worth checking out.

In short, it's a *free for all*! Let's party! πŸ₯³

β†’β†’Note: Feel free to go to the link above or here: bit.ly/JamilaBirthdayTriva to register! These are just more details about the kinds of questions!

Bring questions about Music 🎢 , films πŸŽ₯ , television shows πŸ“Ί, pro-wrestling πŸ€Όβ€β™€οΈ, video games, show tunes, pop culture, quotes, etc., etc., etc.!

Bring your questions about: Neil deGrasse Tyson and the galaxy. Would you please bring your questions about Nadja of my favorite television show, What We Do in The Shadows? My favorite films *of all time*: Night of the Living Dead and/or Romero! Rosemary's Baby! The Shining! Logan! Dazed & Confused (Sup, TEXAS)! Ghost World! The steller masterpiece and my favorite (high quality) comedy "film", Step Brothers. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Bring questions about Star Wars. Bring your questions about Dune. Bring your questions about No Country for Old Men (TEXAS!)! Bring your Comics! Did you know Saga is coming back (holy shit, right)?! Don't forget Harvey Pekar's American Splendor (or Harvey on Letterman! I was an organizer of the NX35 music fest in 2009-- and I got to see Harvey speak on Avante Garde Jazz! The dude ruled! RIP)! And for all my friends that are fans out there: bring your cringe questions about the Gilmore Girls. Or Ruth Wilson Gilmore Girls, but don't get too political!

Love music?! Me, too! Bring your questions about John Coltrane! Gil Scott Heron! ERYKAH BADU (SUP, DALLAS). Shadia Mansour! Algiers! Mona Hayder! Ruby Ibarra! Rage Against the Machine (or when Tim Commerford disrupted the MTV Awards-- yeah, but Limp Bizkit sucks, and they did not deserve the award 😀)! 2Pac! The Roots! Riot grrrl! (I couldn't just choose one or two πŸ™ƒ!) 2 Tone! The Selecter! The Specials! Thin Lizzy! Lil Nas X! The Replacements, Fugazi, Radiohead! The Stooges! Sonic Youth! Latin Playboys! Tyler the Creator, Built to Spill! Kendrick Lamar! my bloody valentine! Daft Punk! AFX (or Aphex Twin)! Public Enemy!

Or if you've ever been with me to Punk Rock Karaoke: My all-time favorite Hell Paso (Texas, hell yeah) band, At the Drive-In! Or Kiss! Yes, I recognize the Kiss cringe irony here, but I grew up with my very Texan pops in rural Texas-- and this was the jam. βš‘οΈπŸ™ƒ

I look forward to playing interactive virtual trivia with you for FMP! FMP is a fantastic organization, and I care very deeply about it and its work. I met FMP in 2018 through my beloved OpenBordersConference (OBC); FMP is the sponsor of OBC.

In 2019, I joined the OBC steering committee and the FMP board. Everything above speaks for itself. I couldn't be more proud of FMP's staff and their unwavering, vital, and extraordinary work. They make FMP so revolutionary, fighting tirelessly to close the jails and open the borders. OBC grows every year, thanks to FMP's sponsorship of the critical conference each year. This is why I joined the board of FMP and the steering committee of OBC and regularly give to FMP to support sustaining the work. Their work is crucial in the movement for folks impacted by migration restrictions and the movement to abolish borders.

Register (https://bit.ly/JamilaBirthdayTrivia) before the end of 2021 to grab that tax deduction!

See you at the *free for all* trivia night! Be sure to bring your game face. πŸ€“

I can't believe you got to the end of this message. Dedication. Thank you. Catch you there, comrade. πŸ–€

In Solidarity & Struggle,

Jamila & co-host extraordinaire, Steve